Hi, I’m Roxy👋

My unique and diverse set of life experiences led me to the world of UX/UI design. In my own quest to bridge the gap in services and access to information for citizens with disabilities, I discovered that I could use UX design, research, strategy and testing as a tool to advance the way we engage with others and to broaden our perspective by increasing opportunities across the board.

I am a UX/UI generalist designer who is skilled in both UX + UI best practices and research structured to understand end user needs and design a clean and intuitive user experience. I spent fifteen years of my professional life helping couples bring their visual designs to light in the best way possible, during the most important time in their journey as couple.

As an entry-level UX designer, I have worked on multiple staged and volunteer projects and continue to grow my career with a Machine Learning Specialization Professional Certificate. Through this process, I have gained valuable experience in Promp Design using AI integration. My favorite tool and platform so far is UiZard, which is what I used to finalize Podcaster seen here.